Color #d34b6c

The default accent color.

Easter egg

This page is dedicated to CSSence’s default accent color #d34b6c. According to this site’s about page, …

[the] color became the default when switching to a flat design in 2014.

There are three problems here.

Problem #1

I don’t remember how I ended up with this color. I know the ‘why’, it was because back then I switched my logo from PNG to SVG, and I needed a single color for the fill of the 45° bar.

Logo of with the default accent color.
The 45° bar, i.e. the part that turns the ‘c’ into an ‘e’, has color #d34b6c as its default for more than ten years now.

It still begs the question why I needed a color other than the one I already had in place: If you look at the thumbnail image of this ancient »Goodbye WordPress« editorial piece, you can see the old logo, which has three pink-ish colors, with #c94665 being the dominant one. The old color most likely was too in-your-face for the upcoming redesign at the time. An earlier design of this site used the accent colors for large background areas—among other things.

Accessibility may have already played a role too, however, white text on #d34b6c fails contrast requirements. 🤨

As said, I don’t remember, but the color is here to stay.

Problem #2

This page is listed in the Easter egg series, but this is not an Easter egg, because the color is just a fact. 🤓

Problem #3

If you are viewing this site with a preference for a dark color scheme, the default accent color is actually #aa425c.

Problem #4

There’s one problem too many. Also, like all Easter egg pages, this page’s path starts with /about/, and as such should have the accent color #bada55, but instead has the default accent color, for obvious reasons. It’s still wrong.