About Matthias Zöchling

CSS enthusiast (@CSSence)



I’m a front-end web craftsman. I started when Netscape was in its prime; my first website went online in 1998. When Microsoft added XmlHttpRequest to Internet Explorer, I began creating applications for browsers, at a time when “web apps” were nothing but a concept on paper, years before the term “AJAX” was coined. Since then I’ve been working on web-related projects spare-, part- or full-time.

In addition to prototyping in the browser, I focus on creating responsive sites and making them accessible for all kinds of humans, devices and connection speeds. Thanks to fewer browser inconsistences, I enjoy it more than ever.

Photo of Matthias Zöchling.
This photo, taken in 2012, is part of my avatar image, where it is placed behind the CSSence logo.

Private life

I like creating all kinds of stuff. Online, that’s a given. Describing my offline hobby, I go by Interior Design Upcycler. I like to run. I used to travel, which lately clashes with my increased interest in degrowth.

But the most interesting journey is fatherhood. And marriage. When I got married to my lovely wife I took her last name, so if you encounter (old) stuff about me online where my birth name Beitl has been used for attribution, that’s why.