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A “short” timeline of the latest blog posts.


While you can always head to the archive and browse by year, this index page is a shortcut, as it shows the latest posts across years and blog post types. Basically what you get if you combined Articles and Notes and took the twelve most recent ones.

Latest posts

  • Underlines Apart

    On using text-underline-offset to separate underlines in nested elements.


  • Zero Vulnerabilities Found

    The story of not switching to the Eleventy Static Site Generator.


  • Scroll Chaining

    Today I learned about another aspect of the overscroll behavior.


  • Monospace Text Indent

    Andy Bell has a new site design, Markdown FTW.


  • Feature Detection Strategies

    What to do when a CSS feature is not supported cross-browser.


  • A Tale of Two Scrollbars

    How allowing to scroll both horizontally and vertically can influence design choices.


  • IndieWeb Hurdles

    Max Böck wants the #IndieWeb for everyone, not just those with technical knowledge.


  • :focus-visible and JavaScript

    How moving focus with script affects the CSS focus-visible selector.


  • Hello Mastodon

    Due to the Twitter situation, I am introducing myself to the fediverse.


  • Allow It To Exist

    Matthias Ott on why liking your own creation is not important.


  • Safari vs. Unstyled Lists

    Safari requires ARIA to retain semantics of unstyled lists.


  • Tabs Over Spaces: The Final Chapter

    Using tabs for indention comes with an accessibility bonus that cannot be neglected.


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