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The term CSSence is a portmanteau coined by blending the abbreviation for Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and the word essence. By adding the top level domain (TLD) .com you get the URL for the site you are looking at. However, the TLD is misleading, because there is nothing commercial here. Also, no advertisement. You are welcome.

Knowing the history

In 2011, it all started with a blog on Wordpress. This no longer existing predecessor came with the tagline The Essence of CSS. If you look closely, the tagline is still alive and well, but remains hidden most of the time.

The blog was conceived as — and I am quoting my old site here — 

[…] an online magazine about CSS, [which] brings you a fresh article every month, filled with a vast amount of CSS goodness.

Guess what happened. One article per month. That even worked for a little while, as enough ideas came to my mind, simply by working full-time on web projects. Although back then this translated to spending 85% of said full time in Internet Explorer. At some point however, I was no longer fast enough writing the ideas down because my attention was needed elsewhere. In hindsight, there always are a lot of elsewheres.

Growing up

Anyway, since the beginning I’ve been blogging about web design and development, and I continued to do so after I got my own domain. With the 2015 relaunch, the site evolved to serve as my personal hub, as you can tell by looking at the home page. Paired with the fresh look it received in 2016 you’ll end up with what you are looking at today.

Logo of CSSence.com, an amalgam of the lowercase letters ‘c’ and ‘e’.
Off-center logo with the color #d34b6c for the 45° bar. The color became the default when switching to a flat design in 2014.

Give it some time and it will evolve again because I would like to bring home all the content I published elsewhere. I want to help to keep the decentralized web alive. You too should own your own data.

In addition, CSSence expanded to become my personal brand, I use this handle as my online identity for All Things Web, from Twitter to GitHub and everything in between.

Needless to say, this site is curated by me as I’m the main author. I’ve written everything you can find here, unless stated otherwise.