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The Person

My name is Matthias, I’m also known as @CSSence. I’m a web developer, passionate about design, semantics and accessibility. And obviously CSS. I work in Vienna, AT.

About Matthias Zöchling.

The Website

This site started as a weblog on Word­Press. As time went by, I got my own domain and turned it into a full-fledged IndieWeb hub, where all my content resides for longevity.

About CSSence.com.

Latest articles

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    Consistent browser behavior, but still hard to grasp.


  • Not always mobile first

    With “Basics First” you’ll implement your designs with fewer lines of code.


  • 11tyConf

    A conference about (but not limited to) the 11ty static site generator.


  • Display flow-root

    The end of the clearfix hack, and more.


  • Superior Range Syntax

    One more thing about the improved viewport size media queries.


  • Redesigning in the open

    My site now has a dedicated links section. But there’s more.


Latest threads

  • Cursor: pointer

    Why do we add them to interactive elements other than links?