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Important update: CSSence is moving.


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Matthias Beitl wrote on

CSSence is moving to its own domain, I expect everything to be back online by the end of April.

In the meantime I’ve posted this message, so you (and Google, Bing, etc.) can get your bookmarks updated.

Although it seems as if articles already got lost, I assure you this is not what happened. I’m removing article by article from, starting with the newest. However, they do not yet show up at the new place. Honestly, I didn’t think it would take this long, but I’m not just moving content—as it would be the case with a to transition. Instead, I’m also switching from WordPress to “something else”.

Think about it this way:
The emptier this place gets, the closer gets to lights on. 😉

Matthias Beitl wrote on

Oh, … Hello!

You’re looking at the future home of Sadly, the former site (the one hosted on WordPress) no longer contains any articles.

I am currently migrating all content to this domain, but the transition period takes longer than expected. Turns out every article needs a major overhaul, not just export/import. Anyway, as soon as this site goes beta, the complete 2011 archive—and of course the new 2012 stuff—will be back online, right here. Scout’s honor!

Matthias Beitl wrote on

You are reading this on, hence the transition is complete. 🚀

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