Color #bada55

The accent color for editorials & about pages.

Easter egg

Similar to the default color #d34b6c, color #bada55 is another fact, not an easter egg. The only thing that gives it 🥚 potential is that it can be read as ‘badass’.

There is even a site named[1], and since we are already at the topic of color hex values that spell something, let me tell you that …

I really like #c0ffee. ☕

Back to #bada55, which not only plays a role here as the accent color for editorial blog posts and about pages, it also happens to be the dominant color on my résumé. (Perhaps I thought I’m a CSS badass.)

The name of the color is ‘June Bud’, which 1. makes it more adorable (unlike the badass thing), and 2. is something I’ve learned while writing this text. Personally, I liked the color when I first saw it. Having already used it on my résumé subdomain made it a contender when I came up with accent colors for the sections of this site, which happened a long time ago. Hardly a surprise it ended up being used for editorial blog posts and about pages, because those tell you more of a personal story, like my résumé does.[2]


  1. I didn’t add a link to, because of some questionable content, but more importantly because it appears to be insecure. Lack of https is not an option in 2024. ↩︎
  2. With the introduction of dark mode, things got more complicated. If you prefer a dark color scheme, you may never encounter #bada55 on this site. ↩︎