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This site started as a weblog on Wordpress, but it has evolved since.

To this day, the original idea of the former blog lives on in this Essays section, where I continue to cover pretty much anything that relates to web development & web design. Majoring in CSS.

Latest posts

  • Beyond 100vw

    We’ve come a long way since the first iPhone supercharged the mobile web.


  • The Day The Website Stood Still

    On the intersection of progressive degradation and graceful enhancement.


  • Ask the User

    You could make assumptions about what your users want. Or you could just ask them.


  • No Web Font, No Cry

    I’ve turned off font loading six months ago. This is what I learned.


  • Accessibility for Everyone

    When it comes to accessibility, can help you walk the walk.


  • On Using Static Site Generators

    I wrote about static site generators, but went down the Vanilla-or-not rabbit hole.


  • Diversity in Style

    Looking for the transcript of my @dotCSS talk? Here you go.


  • The JavaScript Wars

    In one corner, we have die-hard NoScripters. And then there are “The Others”.


  • Beyond Progressive Web Apps

    My personal thoughts in response to “Regressive Web Apps” by Jeremy Keith.


  • The ‹u› in Group

    A proposal to give the ‹u› element an additional purpose.


  • head {display:block}

    Content inside ‹head› is usually hidden, but it doesn’t need to be.


  • Print First

    Forget Mobile First. Providing Styles for Print should be your first media query.


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