CSS-in-Graz Meetup #3


I’ve traveled to Graz to attend and speak at the third CSS-in-Graz meetup.

In a nutshell, it was lovely, well worth the trip. Not only have the talks of my fellow speakers been amazing, it’s been a welcoming atmosphere from the get-go. (Shoutout to the wife of our host Manuel for the snacks.)

Talks & Speakers

(Short) Summary

Fabian talked about a what happens when you conveniently hover on your device, giving us insights on @media (hover: hover).

After that, it was my turn to throw in the forced colors media query, @media (forced-colors: active).

Markus then sealed the deal with two short presentations on animations. First he animated a series of images to mimic rain on a website, then he contorted an SVG image. (No SVGs have been harmed during the event.)