About Matthias Beitl

CSS enthusiast (@cssence)


I’m a front-end web craftsman. I started when Netscape was in its prime; my first website went online in 1998. When Microsoft added XmlHttpRequest to Internet Explorer, I began creating applications for browsers, at a time when “web apps” were nothing but a concept on paper, years before the term “AJAX” was coined. Since then I’ve been working on web-related projects spare-, part- or full-time.

In addition to prototyping in the browser, I focus on creating responsive sites and making them accessible for all kinds of humans, devices and connection speeds. Thanks to fewer browser inconsistences, I enjoy it more than ever.

Photo of Matthias Beitl.
This photo, taken in 2012, is in use at multiple sites, e.g. LinkedIn.

My complete résumé can be found at matthias.beitl.net.

Private life

I like creating all kinds of stuff. Online, that’s a given. Describing my offline hobby, I go by Interior Design Upcycler. I like to run. I also like to travel, but the most interesting journey is fatherhood.