Animating Emojis

Another Unicode Adventure


From clock faces to moon phases: Similar to last year’s animation, I took not just two emojis, but quite a few of them. Turns out we have eight moon phases to mess with, so once again we have perfect candidates for showing them in succession.

Frankly, from an implementation perspective, this is pretty much the same as last year, … but!

For The Fifth Time

When I published the first “Animating Emoji” in 2019, I did it just for fun, with no intention to make this a recurring thing. Actually, it took me until the third year before I’ve committed to turning this into a series, and it has progressed since. So far that a dedicated Series page made it into the main navigation of this website.

So, as a bonus for the 5th Edition, and to make it technically a bit different to the one from last year, I’ve added a wallpaper for a night sky effect, to put the moon where it belongs.

Did I say wallpaper? While it is just one background image, I’ve added it multiple times, each time with a different background position and even size, to achieve that deep space effect. Doing this also keeps the image size around 100 bytes, so it can be turned into a nice short data URI.