Animating Emojis

A yearly tradition on, established 2019.


I asked myself: What if I could find two (or more) similar-looking emojis and use CSS animations to transition between them? What started off as an innocent idea has since become a mind of its own.

Also, if I want to have my own A Single Div collection, this is probably as close as I will ever get. 🙂

Posts in this series

  1. Animating Emojis

    Lots of moon phases. Welcome to outer space.


  2. Animating Emojis

    Lots of clock faces. Lots of possibilities. Let the time fly.


  3. Animating Emojis

    Right on time for the festive season, a tree adventure.


  4. Animating Emojis

    It happened again, with the 2020 Monkey Edition.


  5. Animating Emojis

    Is it just me or did you too see that smiley face blink?