Animating Emojis

A yearly tradition on, established 2019.


I asked myself: What if I could find two (or more) similar-looking emojis and use CSS animations to transition between them? What started off as an innocent idea has since become a mind of its own.

Also, if I want to have my own A Single Div collection, this is probably as close as I will ever get. 🙂

Posts in this series

  1. Animating Emojis

    Lots of clock faces. Lots of possibilities. Let the time fly.


  2. Animating Emojis

    Right on time for the festive season, a tree adventure.


  3. Animating Emojis

    It happened again, with the 2020 Monkey Edition.


  4. Animating Emojis

    Is it just me or did you too see that smiley face blink?