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Sara Soueidan wrote on

Two videos, same topic. One of them says We can now do this in CSS. It’s really easy! and the other tackles the subject by saying We can now do this in CSS. It’s not as easy as you think!

The solution *is* easy (that’s the whole point of it becoming a part of CSS). But why some instructors want to make you feel like they’re teaching you atomic science is beyond me.

Matthias Zöchling wrote on

In reply to: @SaraSoueidan@front-end.social.

Yup, instructors should not do that. But maybe they/we shouldn’t say “easy” either. “Easy” can make you feel bad, just like the word “just”.

Sara Soueidan wrote on

In reply to: @CSSence@mas.to.

I agree. It does assume a certain level of knowledge based on their follower base. Both of their audiences are usually intermediate-advanced CSS devs (mostly, especially if they’ve been following them for a while), so I think this is where the assumption comes from.

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