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I can answer that my blog has one. (Well, more than one.)


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Matthias Zöchling wrote on

But there is something else which probably everyone with a personal website should do: adding an RSS feed.

I’m late to the party, but better late than never.

Shoutout to for creating a Github issue and for getting in touch via e-mail, i.e. two ways of letting me know they’d like to subscribe.

Well, now they can. And you can too:

PS. Am I the first to offer time-based subscriptions?

Matthias Zöchling wrote on

Continued from previous comment.

Also, another shoutout to, the quote in the previous toot is from his "We ❤️ RSS" blog post.

I, for one, also ❤️ RSS.

(Seriously, I must have been living under a rock when it comes to #RSS. After installing the first feed reader I found in Linux Mint’s Software Manager and adding a few feeds, I concluded this is amazingly convenient.)

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