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@WeAreWebClerks @CssVienna #ViennaCalling Meetup 2020


After last year’s first-ever WeAreWebClerks Community Conference, @WeAreWebClerks teamed up with @CssVienna and delivered the #ViennaCalling meetup straight to our homes via Twitch. I’ve been truly impressed. I would not have had the time to attend the meetup on location, but thanks to the current virtual-only-ness the world is going through, I’ve been able to join the live stream. Similarly, the line-up would have been different too, because these great speakers might not have able to visit Vienna “just” for a meetup.

But let’s face it, with such amazing talks it felt like an actual conference. Or, as Max Böck put it, This is not your grandma’s meetup.

Talks & Speakers