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Matthias Zöchling wrote on

I’ll admit to updating my /popular/ page rather infrequently, because it’s manual labor to import and crunch the numbers; time I’d like to spend otherwise. Today was one of those updates, but I also had to change the underlying calculation, which is why things went a bit topsy-turvy.

To my surprise, the post on the media query range syntax that I wrote less than a month ago already made it into the Top 3. Who knew my dear readers would enjoy leading-edge #CSS stuff. 😉

Matthias Zöchling wrote on

In case you ask (I know you won’t):

CodePen views and likes no longer contribute, them playing a role was reminiscent of a time when I directly linked to my pens, not having a backstory on my site. This stopped being the case years ago. Now that those numbers no longer add weight in favor of pen-related blog posts, all of them simply dropped out of the ranking.

Seeing posts from the same category taking their place made me think I did something wrong, but those are just increased page views since the last update.

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