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Sara Joy wrote on

In reply to: @mxbck@front-end.social.

right?! Got hints that twitter was not the thing any more at Beyond Tellerrand, the social wall screensaver thing showed very very little posting on [Twitter]

Max Böck wrote on

In reply to: @sarajw@front-end.social.

Hopefully! I guess it depends on the bubble, but lots of front-end folks I got to know on Twitter have long switched to fedi

Max Böck wrote on

In reply to: @Anneke@front-end.social, @sarajw@front-end.social.

I’m sure future historians will point to the day we lost Manuel and say “and that’s when it all went to hell”

Matthias Zöchling wrote on

In reply to: @mxbck@front-end.social, @Anneke@front-end.social, @sarajw@front-end.social.

Me in 2054: Gather ‘round kids, I was there when it happened.

Goes without saying, I’ve joined Mastodon because of what has happened to [Manuel] over in bird town.”

Anneke Sinnema wrote on

In reply to: @CSSence@mas.to, @mxbck@front-end.social, @sarajw@front-end.social.

[Sophia, from Golden Girls, starting one of her stories with the words “let me tell you a story. Sicily, 1912. Picture this”]

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