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Sara Joy wrote on

From years of being bored, unsatisfied, or struggling in various jobs and industries, I finally feel like I have come home.

I’m so happy to join an industry with such brilliant, interesting, and gloriously nerdy people—I mean this in the best possible way!

I have attended both Beyond Tellerrand Düsseldorf and CSS Day 2024 and, wow. Huge thank yous to the organisers, speakers, and to the many warm and funny fellow attendees I had the joy to socialise with.

This is my church.

Sara Joy wrote on

Continued from previous comment.

Just a note on my enthusiasm and apparent social butterfly-ness—I’m loving it, but also I feel like an imposter!

I made my own websites as a teen and then tried to do other things with my life, while here and there tinkering with web stuff at a low hobby level.

I came “back” into the industry in 2022 after a couple of years of training myself up, to pivot into it.

I’m still quite new, and there is so much I don’t know! I thank the twitter exodus & Mastodon for helping me find my people 💖

Sara Joy wrote on

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It’s quite odd chatting with people who talk to me about stuff that has happened in the last 20 years of web development, which given my apparent age, I should probably know about—but nope, such a n00b.

From 1999 with bare html with all the styling integrated into it, into nascent CSS, to one later job where I made a sorely needed database plus the UI to manipulate it with MySQL, php, etc…

I then skipped at least a decade—maybe 2—of change and progress and popped back up in 2020/2021!

Sara Joy wrote on

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I was lost, tbh. Why do I need the command line now? Where should I point FileZilla? Who are you calling a “git”? Wtf is npm? Where’s “web design” gone? UX? What do front end developers do? Is that what I want?

The twitter dev community helped me so much! Answering my questions and encouraging me to keep pushing. I found excellent articles and ideas to help me move forward.

If there’s anything I miss from twitter now, it’s all the other beginners. People who maybe I could help up after me. 🪜

Sara Joy wrote on

Continued from previous comment.

All these people I’d come to admire on twitter started heading over to Mastodon. I started using the account I’d set up there when Musk brought his kitchen sink in, and everyone was so follow-back-happy then!

It felt like cheating, totally short-circuiting the huge hustle and consistent engagement effort required in twitter to even get *seen* never mind *replied to* or *followed back*.

So people know me. I turn up to this flagship CSS event for the first time and mingle HARD. I’m so grateful 🧡

Max Böck wrote on

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I heard something by Conan O’Brien once where he says how important it is to “find your people” in life. Find a community that is excited about the same things you are, and welcomes your participation. I think the web enables us to do that, and the front-end bubble (to me) absolutely feels like “my people”. So many friends here that I’ve never met IRL, but I know we would hit it off instantly.

Manuel Matuzović wrote on

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after all these years spending time together online I feel so close to many of you that I feel save writing you and asking for a place to crash for a night if necessary.

Matthias Zöchling wrote on

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Woah, there’s a lot to unpack here. shared a personal story in an inspirational thread, that was then successfully derailed by Austria’s famous WebDev couple and (they can’t deny their Twitter upbringing 😬). At last, Max brought it to a halt with an accessibility pattern I hadn’t come across so far: Alt text for an image that never existed in the first place! How do we call this, … “text”?

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