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Matthias Zöchling wrote on

In reply to: @mxbck.

Very well written. Obviously, BigCorps won’t help us here, and the money they have will always dwarf #IndieWeb efforts. But instead of putting our heads in the sand, we should contribute to the #SmallWeb, or at least support those who do—@laura and @aral come to mind.

Matthias Zöchling wrote on

And another thing, I had an aha moment when updating my site: I wanted to replace Twitter Web Intent links with a Mastodon equivalent, but I would ultimately need my visitors to paste the URLs of their instances into an input field. So instead, when dealing with e.g. in_reply_to intents, I ended up redirecting them to my corresponding post on Mastodon, hoping they will click “Reply” there.

Given the decentralized nature, the UX most likely can never be as smooth?

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