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Access Keys

Access keys are used on this site to reach specific pages or page areas with keyboard shortcuts. Depending on your operating system, web browser, and assistive technology, you might need to combine these access keys with modifier keys. But the basic keys are these.

  • 0: Jump to the top (of current page).
  • 1: Open the home page.
  • 2: Open the “Articles” overview.
  • 3: Open the “Notes” overview.
  • 4: Open the “About” page.
  • 5: Open the overview with the most popular posts.
  • 6: Open the overview with posts from this year.
  • 7: Open the overview with posts from last year.
  • 8: Open the archive page.
  • h: Open this help page.
  • n: Jump to navigation (on current page).
  • s: Open the settings page.

Accessibility Statement

Inspired by Ethan Marcotte’s Accessibility Statement, I’d like to add one right here. Watch out for upcoming changes. In a nutshell: Making websites accessible is part of my job, hence I’d also like my private site to be as accessible as possible. While I do my best to ensure that, time is limited, as are my testing capabilities. If you encounter any issues, please let me know by sending an e-mail to accessibility at this domain.